Live Gold Prices in Dubai – UAE

Today Metal Rate in Dubai UAE
Gold Rate in DubaiPRICE
Gold 24KAED 246.50
Gold 22KAED 228.25
Gold 21KAED 221.00
Gold 18KAED 189.25
Silver Rate in DubaiPRICE
Silver 999AED 2.8286
Silver 925AED 2.6165

Today Gold Price

Welcome to Mint Jewels‘ detailed daily gold price chart. We provide the latest and most accurate live gold prices in the United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) per gram, essential for anyone engaged in buying or selling gold bars and coins in Dubai. Whether you’re an investor, a gold enthusiast, or looking for a precious gift, our platform is designed to be your primary resource for current gold prices in Dubai.

Live Price of Gold in Bullion Market

International Gold Rates

The International Gold Rate, or Spot rate, displayed on our charts, reflects the current global gold rate from real transactions. This rate is dynamic, fluctuating as international markets negotiate and agree upon prices. Additionally, the gold bullion market considers the LBMA Gold Fix, a crucial benchmark rate set in London, for global trade guidance.

Gold Carat Rates

In Dubai’s gold market, the carat or karat rating is a crucial indicator of gold’s purity, impacting both its price and suitability for various uses.

  • 24K Gold: As the purest form, 24-karat gold contains almost 100% gold (999.9% purity), affecting its price due to its high purity. However, its softness and malleability make it more susceptible to damage.
  • 22K and 18K Gold: These lower karat ratings mean less gold content and more alloy metals, increasing strength and durability but also affecting color and appearance.

You should consider both the purity and intended use when selecting gold, especially in Dubai’s diverse market.

Retail Gold Prices in Dubai

The retail gold prices in Dubai, which are the prices at which gold is sold to customers, can fluctuate based on a range of economic and geopolitical factors. These include global gold prices, exchange rates, and local demand. 

To ensure you are getting genuine gold at a fair price, it’s important to only work with reputable dealers like Mint Jewels. The gold prices in Dubai are usually displayed on large screens in the gold market, facilitating easy price comparison and informed decision-making.

Selling Gold jewellery in Dubai

Thinking of selling your gold jewelry in Dubai? The gold price in Dubai can fluctuate due to factors like global gold prices and local demand. 

At Mint Jewels, we offer a straightforward and transparent process for selling your gold, providing you with a trusted platform to maximize your returns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do international events affect gold prices in Dubai?

International events, such as economic policy changes or geopolitical tensions, can significantly impact global gold prices. These changes, in turn, affect the gold price in Dubai due to its connection with the international gold market.

2. In which month is the gold rate usually low in the UAE?

Gold rates in the UAE typically fluctuate year-round, but they often experience a dip during the summer months, influenced by global market trends and local demand patterns.

3. Can I track historical gold price trends in Dubai on Mint Jewels?

Yes, our interactive charts on Mint Jewels allow you to view and analyze historical gold price trends in Dubai.

4. How often are the gold rates updated on the Mint Jewels website?

Gold rates on our website are updated in real-time to ensure you have access to the most current market information.

5. Are there any additional charges or fees when buying gold from Mint Jewels?

We prioritize transparency in pricing at Mint Jewels. No additional charges or fees are asked during your purchase.

6. How does the carat rating affect the resale value of gold in Dubai?

The carat rating, denoting the purity of gold, significantly influences its resale value. Higher carat gold, being purer, generally commands a higher resale value compared to lower carat gold.